Our new payment integration with Stripe is now available! You can now purchase Premium and/or ProtoCoins using all major credit/debit cards (in addition to our PayPal option, which remains unchanged).

This will be our replacement instead of Xsolla, which unfortunately I have given up on trying to implement. If you're interested why, read on:

About a month ago you may have noticed I removed our Xsolla payment option. This was due to atWar's change of ownership. In order to transfer the Xsolla account from the old company to the new one, we were required to create a new account. I didn't think this would be a big deal, so I started working on this.

First they required me to do some initial integration work, which I did. Then they required me to sign a bunch of paperwork, which I did. Then, after a week or so, they contacted me with some questions, which I answered. So far so good. But then they went silent on me. My last contact with them was 2-3 weeks ago... no phone calls, they don't answer my emails, nothing.

This is sad since atWar had been with Xsolla for a long time, and now they are totally blowing us off. Perhaps they are not a very professional company, or maybe since they got the big contract with Twitch they just don't care about small indie games anymore. I don't know. Either way, I am fed up with them.

A week or so ago I was already getting tired of waiting, so I started working on a contingency plan. I contacted Stripe, who I have worked with on several other projects. Within a couple days they gave atWar the green light to go ahead, and finally today I got around to setting up the integration, which is now live.

Hopefully this will make things a lot better for folks who either don't have PayPal, can't use PayPal because it's blocked in their country, or just prefer another payment option.




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