• New chat channels for Coalition and Mods.

  • Contacts menu lists your Friend, Coalition members, Enemies and Ignored players. Click on the 'C' button next to the chat input box.

  • Type "/report blah blah blah" to send a message to Mods.

  • Write last sent message in the chat - up key.

  • Mods can now change game settings and warn users.

  • You can now pass game ownership to the next player (next by SP). Mods can use this option as well.

  • If the total attack of your army / total defence > 1.3, the army won't pursue attacked enemy into own city. Since your troops always defend in own city, it makes sense not to send units with low defence there.

  • Fixed 'Capture country' VC for teams

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    We have moved to a new server, we hope the game will now run better and with less disconnects. DNS is still being updated, so if you upload any images they might be gone in a couple of days, when DNS is finally pointing to the new website (the website still runs from the old server atm). In everything else the transition should be very smooth.

    Also, we added Player menu which shows when you hover on a player's name or rank in the game. There you can see player's Coalition, avatar (click to open website profile) and a few buttons. They allow to add players to your Friends/Enemies lists or give player +1 reputation. Ignore button will be added shortly.

    A special panel showing your Friends, Enemies, Coalition members and ignored members will be added to the game with the next update, helping to keep track of various groups of people. Friends and Enemies also show up in your profile on the website (other players can't see them).

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    Most wonderful news, everybody! We have finished the website implementation of Coalitions (our version of clans). While at the moment there's nothing coalition-related in the game itself, it will be added very soon. In the meantime, you can create/join Coalitions here on the website.

    What do Coalitions do?

    They organize players into groups, giving each their own private forum (with own mods). In the game, there will be features for coalition vs coalition battles, separate chat channel and a panel displaying all members (and who's online).

    How to start a Coalition?

    Starting a Coalition costs 10000 SP. It will be more expensive in the future, so we advise you to use the current opportunity. Go here and fill the simple form. That's basically it.

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    Rejoice, people - unit production automation is finally here!

    You can set a unit to auto-produce in city menu or country menu. Whenever you have available units, this unit will be built (provided you have enough money). City lists in the country menu and cities menu ('star' in the top toolbar) now show available units or auto-produced unit. Clicking on the unit icon will cancel the auto-production.

    In other news, Marines now have the default att: 6 / def: 4. Master Of Stealth increases attack to 7. This makes Marines better in attack, but almost useless in defence - so use them carefully.

    Also, numbers have been fixed for USA cities, taking into account metropolitan population. 5 new cities have been added, plus one in Brazil.

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  • Lobby now has rooms - at the moment there are only two (Main/Beginners). Lobby chat is now separate for each room.

  • Since we now have quite a few games in the lobby, we decided to add filters - you can filter games by type (open/locked/private), Victory Condition, name and sort games by week, number of players and average rank.

  • We now have Moderators - you can recognize them in the game by the ~ sign before their names (Admins have *). The only rules we have for the chat are: don't spam, speak English and be polite to each other. Pretty simple and should be easy to follow for almost everyone. Mods will only deal with those who can't.

    Current Mods are: Guest14502, sificvoid, Cardinal. We'll add more shortly. The only powers Mods have at the moment are silencing people in the chat and kicking them (in extreme cases).

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    We're quickly running out of beta version numbers, so it's becoming obvious we're going to hit 1.0 pretty soon, whether we want it or not. What does it mean for the game? Well, the most important thing we hope to accomplish before removing 'beta' from the title is stability - no bugs, no problems, good balance, smooth gaming experience. Then, there are a few new features which we hope would improve the gameplay, and we want to finish them before v1.0. Here are some of them:

  • Clans - a way to organize players into groups, with own forums, chat channels, stats and so on. Clan vs clan team games should be a lot of fun, besides, we hope clans would bring in more player interaction.

  • Collectable cards - I always loved the cards in Risk, a great way to quickly collect a combination and get reinforcements at a particularly crucial moment. The cards we plan to introduce work quite differently, but the idea is similar - you get cards as rewards during battles or at the end of the game and can trade them during the game for various benefits.

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    Glorious news, everyone! Units and cities now have the ability to detect stealth. Detection radius is based on visibility range and is different for land/naval/air units. If a hidden unit is within enemy's detection radius at the beginning of a turn, it will become visible to the enemy and his allies. Next turn, if it's outside the radius, the unit becomes invisible again.

    Toggle 'show visibility range' (under the minimap) to see everyone's detecting range.

    Also, if a team game reaches the maximum number of turns, the whole team with the highest combined SP wins.

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    Thanks to some great ideas from our players, we decided to split big countries into smaller ones, to make the areas more playable. USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia, China and Australia all got split, adding 37 new 'countries'. For all game purposes, they are separate countries, however, we decided to keep the original county's flag and name, to underline that these are, basically, just regions of one big country.

    In the process, we used official country divisions as a guide, only making a few alterations (like combining Victoria and Tasmania in Australia). Unfortunately, most official regions have incredibly dull names (especially China, where all regions are named Southeast, Northwest etc), so we deviated in some cases, with Texas, Ontario and British Columbia, for example, which actually contain more states than the name suggests.

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  • Team games: when creating a game you can set 2 to 4 teams - players in these teams will be permanently allied, with no other diplomacy options (rejoice, whoever wanted unbreakable alliances!). In the future this will also allow clan vs clan games. After players join the game, the team is assigned automatically, but you can change it in the players list in the lobby and in the country selection menu in the game. New tab, Teams, has been added to the players menu in the team games, instead of Diplomacy.

  • Private games: you can now lock your game with a password. Additional menu has been added when creating a game, with password and team options. These options cannot be changed later.

  • It's now possible to change Strategy after starting the game, in the country selection menu.

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  • Disconnects during the game are now quickly reconnected automatically, without even throwing you out of the game. Hurray for uninterrupted gameplay! (This only works if you reconnect during the same turn)

  • Turn time is now re-synced in the beginning of a turn, making the timer more accurate.

  • Now if you intercept an Air Transport, the units it carries will not participate in the battle, and will be destroyed with the transport.

  • Guerrilla Warfare strategy - gives a huge boost to Militia, reduces the cost of Marines by half, and severely reduces attack and defence for Tanks and Infantry. Very handy when playing in low-income areas, like Africa.

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